Do you not realize that YouTube/Twitter are not free speech platforms? They have clear TOS that users are expected to follow of they want to use the service, and the Nazis were too stupid to follow them. Their minds are so demented and depraved that any video that even softly brushes on the ideas that elevates their bigotry causes them to reveal their savagery in the comment section or subtly/covertly in the videos they produce. They can't help but say the 14 words, to imply genocide of Jews and everyone else these motherfuckers hate, the "other" group that they blame all their problems on because they're too stupid to read a book to have any material understanding of the world. They were banned for hate speech, and this is very telling because YouTube/Twitter is a very lenient place that lets right wing MOTHERFUCKERS like Steven Crowder organize massive bullying campaigns targeting lgbtq people and he doesn't get banned, and popular YouTubers like shane Dawson get away with blackface/pedophilia with no repercussions. My guess is the BLM protests sparked the Nazi purge from YouTube, and that helped on Twitter too (though Twitter still has a lot of fucking Nazis).

Why do right wingers get mad whenever you point out anything with an affinity to fascism? You people are obsessed with identity politics and identity is the core of your entire politics, always complaining about Jews, blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, and anyone else you hate, but you do not have the gut to take any criticism and constantly deflect when people make valid statements that may make you look bad instead of confronting them with honesty.

when the so-called "an"cap Stephan got banned and then was posting on Twitter about how the government needs to get involved In the decisions of a private corporation, which you motherfuckers are supposed to uphold as holy savior's, that really shows how much commitment he has to his beliefs. Not to mention him supporting the pigs during the recent rebellion. So much for an "an"cap, more like just a Nazi/monarchist in disguise. He was a cult leader once and he uses cult brainwashing techniques on the poor dipshits that watch him too, which is fitting for his political sphere that only braindead drones and power hungry sociopaths believe in.


In America we have two right wing parties. One farther right than the other. The system was designed this way, it's working as the rich property owning slave owning founding fathers intended.


YouTubers talk show hosts and Wikipedia bloggers are educated

Also implying that YouTube politics aren't dominated by the right wing when the biggest YouTube political channels like Prager u and Steven Crowder are right wing, next to Tiny in comparison leftist channels with no billionaires funding us.

now I'll get my Marxist buddies to report him for promoting terroriem and hate speech and try to get him banned along with his Nazi brethren.

I don't recommend getting and understanding of political theory from YouTube videos by the way, and since the left has actual academics and intellectualism we have plenty of books to refer to, but all fascists have are YouTubers. It's pathetic really, but this is what an ideology based on hatred has to resort to, conspiracy and dishonesty. I hope they ban all of you scum.


Lincoln was a republican and he had a regular correspondence with Karl Marx, so there at least was leftist influence in America in high places as well before the red scare. I think voting is a waste of time.

So you're trying to use the excuse of some strange outdated legal obfuscation to deligitamize a private corporations right to run its property how it wants, but I thought right wingers wanted less government regulation? Its like you people don't believe in anything, no values and you just make shit up as you go along only when it effects you.

And yeah, they were Nazis. I mean you can deny and lie about it all you want but you're not fooling anyone but yourself. And it's typical for Nazis to lie about everything, that's their specialization. Because everyone knows Nazis and racists are bad, so you have to be covert about it in order to fool naive people into coming to your side.

we have actual professors in top universities making leftist content on YouTube, and right wingers at best have talk show conspiracy theorists, so why do you think you're fooling anyone that isn't already a fool? I've already seen countless times how you fools send in your best only to show that you have no knowledge of history, of statistics, and are disengenous about everything you do.

Also, ITS NOT A PUBLIC PLATFORM. So once again, you're just proving the right WINGERS are dishonest liars that hold not values and backtrack on everything they say because you're acting as if a private corporation can't do what it wants just because it doesnt want racist Nazi fucks on its website. If you want to nationalize YouTube and force them to host your Nazi shit, then don't pretend like you give a fuck about the "free market" and small government, just admit youre aithoritarians with no values other than money power and hating "other"s to blame all your problems on.


once again it's some anti-intellectual right winger complaining about people getting educated and somehow there being "Marxism" bias in all schools (nevermind that he fails to see the correlation that the more educated you are the more likely you are to be leftist, and vice versa for the right wing. Which is why trump loves the poor and uneducated and wants to defund schools).

By the way I'm no fan of the schooling system either,

things that only people that only share his biases and lack of information on the subject would agree with - his fellow anti-intellectual Nazis.

As of yet, I've only found one intellectualy respectable right winger, but the difference between him and dipshits is that he studied under Marxists and has an understanding of leftism (he has a PhD in philosophy too), and he isn't dishonest about being a right winger, he is open and honest about it and can accurately state the fundamental disagreements he has with the left. I won't say his name, but I really wish the right had more people like this guy instead of dipshits like in your video.

Striker is such an embarrassing mouth breather and I'm glad he represents the right.


you people seem to want to continue your old tricks of lying and not connecting the dots in a conversation. Anyway I'll end it with this- even if you don't like the free market, those Nazis that were purged are and they have long histories of purporting to be pro free market, "don't tread on me" defenders, but now they're acting like they want government intervention because the capitalists have gone against them. If you don't like corporations banning fascists because you're one of them or like their content, then I would also criticize you for wanting the government to intervene in a corporations decision to deplatform people that were the entire world's enemies during world war 2. I mean it's not one dimensional for you since you want to defend Nazis and probably are one, but I have a moral code and know my enemies. It's not a gray area for me, I know who my enemies are exactly and I will support any deplatforming of them so they fade into irrelevancy.

And I can see you're a Nazi as well now using the old Nazi trick of disguising fascism is socialist language by saying "national socialism". Yeah and the "democratic" republic of north Korea is a democracy too, right? I'm using Nazis as a generalization, but they all come from the same trash heep and aren't soz different from eachother, which is why they all ended up on the same website. Regardless, they were fascists and we're rightly banned for hate speech. Too fucking stupid to follow the TOS on YouTube that lets bullies like keemstar on their platform. But how else will you promote fascism if you don't call for genocide, an ethno state, and other hate speech. It's so strange how you people hate the Jews, but aren't they accomplishing all you losers are failing to achieve? They have an actual ETHNOSTATE, unlike you losers. Ironic how the Jews are doing better fascism to the Palestinians than actual fucking Nazis that genocided them in the Holocaust (and I bet 10000$ some Nazi retard will read this statement and not be able to comprehend it because they are dumb). And these YouTubers aren't hateful to you because you're a racist that agrees with them, or are too dumb to tell whether something is racist unless they are explicit about it, which they will seldom be because of TOS. Stay mad you racist fuck.


I'm a post leftist that bases my politics on biocentrism, which is different from the traditional left whose basis comes from a humanist perspective.

Why do Nazis hate being called Nazis? I never see you complain about people saying Jews or the deragotory terms for blacks or muslims or all other cultures that you people hate, but the second someone says Nazi or fascist you throw a fit because you want to hide what you really are. If you hate identity politics then maybe don't base your entire political ideology on identity and make every other post in the politics thread about some evil Jew or blacks, then maybe people won't call them Nazis.

Actually, I'm just smart enough to tell hate speech and subtle hate speech disguised as reasonable discussion apart from traditional conservatism (which I don't like but is not necessarily hate speech). But go ahead, lie lie lie deny deny deny like you always do.

Only in a dystopia like America does words like liberty come to be associated with right wingers.

And "an"caps are not anarchists, they are propertarians/monarchists. Though stephan isn't even that, he's just a cult leader hypocrite that cries for government regulation on Twitter/youtube after they banned him and defends the police and government when they oppress minorities.

I believe words have meaning, so your orwellian double speak has no meaning to me.


I don't want to discuss brutalizing minorities and the merits of genocide and an ETHNOSTATE, because I know exactly what my values are and can tell when someone is diametrically opposed to my own beliefs. The world and all of biology is diverse, thus an ideology like fascists that is against diversity and wants sameness is anti-life and suicidal. Go back to world war 2 by the way and see how the Nazis debating Jews worked out for them. Your ideas are so demented and inhumane that they are not deserving of a medium to discussion, which is why your ilk was purged from youtube/Twitter. I want to violently suppress and dominate you scum, to me you are not humans, you are demons. I won't treat you with anymore respect than I would to dogshit on the side of the road.



why do right wingers cry about fake news so much, but the love watching it all the time?

No wonder he loves the uneducated redneck inbreds. Or maybe he doesn't love them and he just wants their votes, but the rednecks love him.

Nazis are the Christian world's equivalent of Islamic extremists. The same as al qaeda, ISIS, ect just replace muslim with Christian. Anyone could see why we don't debate them. If you want demented psychopaths to talk to, then find someone else, but I have a well established morals and I know exactly who my enemies are.

Naive liberals may tolerate you cockeroaches, but I'm not a fucking liberal.


the right wingers from whatever country hate foreigners and hate right wingers from other countries, hate intellectuals and are patriarchal religious fundamentalists that want to go back to some past "golden" age when human rights wasn't a thing, before the enlightenment era ect.

At least the Muslim extremists tend not to be racist, which in my view puts them a step above the American right wing extremists

It's no wonder you people hate education so much, you don't like reading books and don't know how to effectively measure the credibility of the sources you base your knowledge on. You would fail any serious field in academia if this is what you think building understanding of a subject is.

I'm not a leftist, but chuds like you wouldn't be able to tell the nuances between sophisticated political philosophy. I'm a post leftist.


The mental gymnastics it takes to be a capitalist is truly astounding. But yeah, I know, fake news. "Corona" is a hoax, "climate change" isn't real, amiright? Fucking retard.

propertarian systems have literally been responsible for every single mass genocide, great war, and millions of death every year, but instead of examining that and why the systems you support have caused them you deflect and blame them on a system that doesn't even exist, and hasn't existed since the complete domination of the propertarian world order over the entire fucking planet.

so far technology has only helped the richest people while increasing work hours for everyone else and dehumanizing their work by turning them into robots in factories and wageslaves that don't think.

Retard, can you not comprehend the flexibility of language to see that I'm applying the concept to capitalists?

before the capitalist mode of thinking took hold, before the agricultural revolution, before when the world was mostly nomadic and people had no concept of "owning" land, they lived for tens of thousands of years without destroying their environment. And even after the agricultural revolution, the sedentary subsistance farmers have caused no where near the amount of damage that capitalists have done not only to the planet through negative externalities, but also qualitatively to the working life of the people, forcing them to become wageslaves and dehumanize themselves for some petty wages.


You live in the capitalist fantasy land where long term survival of the biosphere doesn't matter, you'll support killing millions of different species and subjugating everything for the sake of profit. Fucking psychopath. Literally an ideologue worshipping and death cult social system instead of critically examining it to see how to improve it because youre too dumb and brainwashed to do so.

rightoid ideology crumbles under itself just by bringing up studies that go against their worldview and the random data points they try to spin. they get blown the fuck out and cry about how they were using "unfair debate tactics" (not letting me hop from arguments I can't back up and highlighting just how dumb what I'm saying is).

Why do right wingers lie so much? Just about everything I see from them is a conspiracy theory or a lie.

And here is even a marxist professor at New York University explaining the difference in video, which should be much more trustworthy than some random dude on the internet that has a self interest in lying and distorting history to advance his demented political goals.


Fascism is just the most authoritarian form of capitalism. A capitalist country turns fascist to stop a socialist revolution and to save capitalism (because capitalism is failing).


If you want to gain true knowledge and not take in lies and propaganda, then do the work of actually reading what these people actually said and with an accurate historical context of what they did.

if you had the sense of a right winger then you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

I'll just believe some random guy on the internet instead of reading from primary academic sources within the proper historical context. Sike, but that's how stupid right wingers are and how they spread their ideology, and it's the reason they hate education so much. If everyone was dumb enough to just believe random people with no credentials, create a culture of anti-intellectualism and lie about everything, abandon all reason, then right wingers would win the day.

I had a conversation with a right winger the other day and he told me fascism was the same as capitalism and the world is ran by Jews.

The point was to get people to do the work themselves or at least get information from a qualified professional, such as the renowed Marxist academic. A random person on the internet is no authority on political philosophy, unless you're a dumb right winger I guess that is duped by these crooks (people like you)


Liberals hate guns and liberals are right wing. Leftists are more pro-gun than right wingers.


Never believe a right winger. Their entire world view is built on lies.

capitalism is private property, which needs a state to violently enforce that private property, and operating under a market system. The fundamentals don't really change, but "morals" do. In popular politics they range from the two capitalist thoughts of liberals and cuckservatives. It's most extreme form is fascism, and by the way, capitalists have historically supported the fascists, such as Henry ford and many others. Why would they support them if they were going to lose out from it?

these people are not qualified authorities on history or political philosophy and they have an agenda to lie to you in order to advance their perverse political goals.

This is why no one should ever believe a right winger, they lie too damn much and hate education

the right wing can't stop lying. References the republic and plato's cave allegory, Edmund Burke, positive/negative integration for nationalism, and reality doesn't meet their feeling and opinions so they are forced to lie.

The free market is a capitalist lie, a myth that they bring up whenever one competing sector if the capitalist class will benefit from less government and to leave people subject to market discipline.

If it exists, where? Oh wait, I see, just another right wing lie.


Trump trying to save his own ass by claiming absentee ballots are fine but mail in ballots are not, despite experts agreeing that they are essentially the same thing, and him and several other people in his crooked administration used absentee ballots already. How can you vote for this fucking crook who openly lies to public like we're stupid and knowing that he hasn't accomplished anything in 4 years?? Just because he hates the same people they hate?? George Carlin was right, living in America is like having a front row seat to the freak show